The ancient Mayan civilization was considered by the world’s history as one of the most influential cultures and remembered as an important ethnic group.


Maya people are a large group of indigenous people of Mexico and Central America which is also known as Mesoamerica. Today, there are still modern Mayans who are living within the old boundaries of Central America. Belize, Honduras, El Salvador, Guatemala, and the five states of Mexico are the regions making up the area. Among all the regions present in the old boundaries, Guatemala has still the most active Mayan population today possibly because it is the birthplace of the Mayan civilization.


The Mayans have an incredibly rich culture and cuisine which are distinctive. Corn, sweet potatoes, and chilies are their ancient staple foods. Corn, or what they called maize, was their overly-produced crop since agriculture was their major source of living. These corns were grown into different types, to which when harvested will be ground into different flours to make an assortment of loaves of bread.


One good example of their bread is the tortillas which were made of maize crop soaked in lemon with water and then grounded and rolled into flatbread. Sweet potatoes, on the other hand, were used as their main ingredient to any of their dishes. Green, yellow, and red chili peppers were also largely grown in the field because Mayans enjoy eating and incorporating them in their menus.


They also loved eating the meat of turkey, duck, pork, deer, boars, and monkey. It was also believed that cacao was first discovered by them and their nobles had a cacao drink made from ground cocoa beans, corn, peppers, and honey which they called xocolatl.


Today, we can still experience the Mayan culture through their famous cuisines like Tamales, Guacamole, Poc Chuc, Burrito, and Desayuno Tradicionales.